Beautiful places to visit in Mirik for your holidays

4 min readSep 23, 2021


Are you planning your winter holidays? Are you tired of visiting stereotypical places like Himachal and Uttarakhand? Then, try Mirik. Mirik is a city in West Bengal with amazing and unique places to visit. Notified area in Darjeeling city has a lot to offer you, from tea gardens to markets to unique local culture. If you have limited holidays, the best places to visit in Mirik can be explored without any rush. From unexplored places to the most visited ones, try everything you can in Mirik, and of course, we don’t need to tell you about the amazing cuisine of West Bengal. Place experiences snowfall every year, making it one more reason for visiting Mirik.


Therefore, if you are tired from your daily routine and want to explore something in a few days, pack your bags, guys; you have places to visit in Mirik.

These places are hand-picked by us to make your Mirik trip memorable:

Bunkulung: Small village near Mirik is one of the unexplored places in India. The village is known for its pisciculture; 19 pisciculture projects are going on. Pisciculture is the process of breeding and rearing fish. The breathtaking beauty and mountain peaks of Bunkulung are an offbeat place to explore. The village has the astonishing beauty of the hilly region, nicely cut tea gardens, and beautiful and unique houses. Although you can visit the place throughout the year, winters are super thrilling. Camping in the middle of mountains with breathtaking views and chilly weather is an experience you never want to miss.

Orange orchards: Orange orchards are one of the other amazing places to visit in Mirik, West Bengal. The city has various stunning plantations to visit, and one of them is orange orchards. You will be lucky if they are in full bloom. So, do some research if you want to see tons of oranges. Orange orchards are not some simple boring plantation but a beautiful and calming one; Their yummy smell will make you pluck them. You can buy oranges if you feel like it. If you still think it’s boring, you seriously need to visit orange orchards; they look stunning.

Mirik lake: Holiday season is here. Are you still confused about your trip? Well! Mirik lake, one of the places to visit in Mirik, has something to offer you. One of the most visited and biggest tourist pulls in west Bengal. Surrounded by mountains and the greenery of tea gardens makes it more relaxing. You will love it away from hectic life. Pony riding and boating are some of the activities that tourists love to explore. Lake has a garden on one side and pine trees on the other; both sides are connected with a bridge named Rainbow bridge.

Mirik tea gardens: Going to a place famous for tea gardens and missing to visit tea gardens is regretful and incomplete. Like every tea garden, Mirik tea gardens also have their beauty, defined plantation and the surreal view is one of a kind. Mirik is a city covered with trees and bushes; tea gardens are the most beautiful places to visit in Mirik. Throughout the year, visitors can see workers watering the bushes and picking the leaves. You can visit the bushes if you don’t harm them. Ask workers to teach you if you’re lucky. Spending time in such a relaxing environment will make your day.

Bokar Monastery: Founded in 1984 as a small place has now become a thriving site for the education of 500 monks. Devoted to the teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha is the place for your soul. Monks are taught Tibetan language, grammar, and various mantras. You can see them chanting throughout the day; They study Buddhism and different dances and musical instruments. They organize major events, a great spring exposition, and a great summer exposition every year. During which some of the valuable Buddhism sutras are taught. Bokar Monastery has a world of its own; if you wish to explore different cultures, it’s surely one of the places to visit in Mirik.

Rameetay Dhara: like every hill station, Rameetay Dhara offers you stunning views. With Kanchanjanga as a backdrop, spending your dusk and dawn in winters is a calming yet peaceful experience. Away from city lights, the hustle and bustle, people are relaxing, enjoying the weather and Scenic beauty. If you are looking for a place like this, spend a few days in Rameetay Dhara.

Mirik Church: Adjacent to Don Bosco school, the church has been built recently and is one of the biggest and appealing catholic churches in Darjeeling. Beautiful trees with attractive architecture surround the church, and the natural environment has been attracting tourists since its construction. The church has been maintained beautifully and visited by tourists from various religions. The peaceful environment maintained by devotees is calming for the soul. Due to its location near school, transportation is quite easy. You can opt for any local transport to visit Mirik church.